The band

Tommaso Forni

Lead Vocal / Guitar

Tommaso Forni

(Rome 26/03/1988)

Tommaso dreamed about being a rockstar since he listened for the first time his first rock song ("It’s my life" by BonJovi) when he was 12 years old. From that day he started to take guitar lessons and formed the first band with his brother Oliviero.

He started to get singing lessons at 16 with different teachers. He graduated at the UK Rock School in rock performance and frequent the first year of the english university degree in HND Music Practice (BTEC). He played in some local bands when he was younger and then he formed WakeUpCall with his brother Oliviero and in 5 years released 2 cds and played more than 200 shows all around Europe.

He’s also a vocal coach for beginner students. He teached in some music school (Alter Lego” music school; “Giuseppe Peano” high school) and now as a private coach.